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Eynon Price is a specialist installer of septic tanks across Carmarthenshire areas of Wales.

septictankinstallations carmarthernshireFor homeowners in rural areas (or places with no connection to main sewage pipes), septic tanks are the principal means of waste water disposal.
How a Septic Tank works

Raw sewage and wastewater from baths, kitchens, etc. discharges into the septic tank, where the solids are separated from the liquid waste. Fats and oils float to the top and form a crust layer. Faeces and food scraps sink to the bottom and form a sludge layer.

The dirty septic water flows to a soakaway or drainfield. Baffles or 'T' pipes in the tank hold back the floating crust and prevent it from entering the outlet. In order that the sludge and crust layers do not become too deep, septic tanks should be emptied annually. This also prevents a higher and higher concentration of suspended solids washing out into the soakaway.w.

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Mob: 07970 906 489

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