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A Pond or Water feature, large or small, can bring untold benefits to the owner. They can act as a striking feature in your garden as well as being fantastic places to spend time relaxing nearby, easing away the stress of everyday life. The sound of water has been reknowned for centuries as a soothing form of relaxation.

Eynon Price is a Pond Specialist, second to none, that can advise you on every aspect of your Pond or Water feature development. We provide a total service that includes determining the best location for your pond, designing all aspects of it, creating the entire environment and ensuring a fantastic end result.

Whether you are looking for a small formal pond space, a large ornamental water feature, or a 12 acre plus lake we can help.

We also sell Pond Sealing Clay if there is none on your site.

We offer a 12 month leak warranty on all new Ponds and Lakes.

We cover Carmarthenshire, Cardiganshire and South Wales!

We offer a bi-lingual landscaping and gardening service

Mob: 07970 906 489

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